Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a hairy situation.

Warning this post will be all about sexy beards.
A special thanks to Tumblr for having such fine pictures of men with hot beards.
I do not own any of these fantastic pictures.

         Jamie Dornan, model, in Wonderland magazine, Feb/March 2011
(source: noirfacade)
Well, I have a thing for guys with beards. And I really have a thing for tall and big guys with a beard, like a big bear. Okay i don't really know why i'm making this post, i'm bored and not feeling that creative today. I hoped this would make someone day/night.
I will sleep well tonight, lol. -cya

Bad circles.

A post from a deleted blog i had.

The guy I'm in love with, wants a positive and happy girl.
But I can't be happy and positive when I'm lonely.

It's like when you're going to bed late and you're so tired the next day, 
so you're taking a nap after school.
And then you can't sleep so you go to bed late again.

And when you're eating because you're being sad.
And then you're getting sad because you have eaten.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ice breaker question.

A question I thought would be fun to answer.

Which three songs reminds mostly of your life or personality. Or just you?

Dancin' (KRONO remix) - This song is like a guy with a sexy beard, it makes me happy. I really don't have an explanation why this is me, but I feel like i have known this song for my whole life. I have not known this my whole life, but it could be cool if i had. I would have been a pretty cool baby.

All I want - Except from the part that it's a man singing, I do feel related to this song. I have this feeling every time I get hurt by a guy. Yeah, this is a more serious side of me, but this is exactly what is going through my mind when my heart is getting tortured. And I love the music video, it is genius. This have been my favorite song for three months now, that's a new record for me. (Kodaline my favorite band of all time)

Dirty paws - One of the many amazing songs from ''Of monsters And Men''. This song is my inspiration to many drawings or and thoughts. This song is pretty random, in a beautiful way.

So that was, my happy side, my broken side and my creative side.

So who ever is going to answer this, or just thinking about answer this question. You don't have to explain much. Just mentioning three songs would be awesome too. Cya.

Who am I?

Sounds a bit depressing for a first post, I didn't mean it like that. Lol.

Who am I?
I do not know. I have not filled the out the whole puzzle with pieces, but I have some pieces for you.  I am a girl. I am turning 17 in June. I am creative. I am addicted…to animations. That is technically me. A teenage girl who enjoys being creative and be amazed by the wonders of animations. 
Hey, creative teenage girl who is addicted to animations! What is this blog going to be about?
Well, what a good question imagined follower in my head. This blog is going to be about absolutely nothing, until I know what the blog is going to be about. So my answer is to you imagined follower: Everything’n’nothing.  I thought about making some movie reviews. I could share some of my extremely creative drawings with you. I could answer stupid and genius questions from maybe upcoming followers. Or just from my imaginary followers… I am fine with that, trust me. I could share my deeply annoying though colorful and stupid thoughts with you. Just talk about facts or just my opinion about animations and cartoons. And when I am making my own animations I will share it with YOU! Or I could just talk about guys, that is cool too.

 That was the sound of and empty blog that just got it's first post.

 Yeah there just came an awkward silence there, so i will end this post here. Cya.